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Center for Student Engagement

The Center for Student Engagement supports students in academic planning and career exploration. The Center is a prospective student’s first encounter after the application process with Admissions and Records.

If placement testing is warranted, the student is given pertinent information to facilitate assessment preparation. If needed, referral to the CER for testing tutorials is made at this time. Following placement testing, a Center Advisor is identified to work with the first-semester student and to continue as the student’s advisor until priority registration for the next semester begins. At that time, the Center and the office of Admissions will designate an appropriate advisor based on the student’s developmental course assignment and credential declaration status.

As an integral component of the Student Support Services area, the Center for Student Engagement ensures all students have an appropriate assigned advisor, refers undecided students to the Career and Transfer Service Center, provides training and workshops in advising best practices, and refers students to appropriate resources when needed.

Office Hours

8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday

Prestonsburg Campus
Student Center Room 100

Susan Chafin 
Associate Dean, Student Support Services  
Student Center Room 100

Gail Cooley
Center Advisor
(606) 886-3863 Ext. 67364  

Bonita Dove
Center Advisor
(606) 886-3863 Ext. 67365

Mayo Campus
Building C Room 107

Stephanie Conley
Center Advisor
(606) 789-5321 Ext. 82814

Pikeville Campus
Room 109

Misty Adkins
Center Advisor
(606) 218-2060 Ext. 81266

Julia Maynard
Center Advisor
(606) 218-2060 Ext. 81221